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Google Analytics I Workshop


Measuring the effectiveness of marketing and sales efforts is key if you want to establish a correct business strategy. For years, digital marketing has revolutionized the market, generating new business opportunities at more affordable prices than traditional marketing.

Study the users behavior is fudamental to be able to design efective and profitable actions. In the digital world the only way to know the users behavior is through the data 

Web analytics is one of the skills with the highest demand today. The search for professionals capable of optimizing and improving the results of the sites.


The general objective of the Google Analytics I Workshop is to introduce the student to the measurement tool. The aim of this workshop is to familiarize the studen with the basic concepts and notions for configuring compaign tracking, such as implementing a tracking code or configuring data filters. During this workshop you will learn to interpret basic audience acquisition and behavior reports, obtaining an overview of the process.

The studies design has meant the definition of general and especific competences that the student body must get with the workshop. The design has been governed by principles of integral conception of teaching and its teaching offer has been planned in a way that facilitates student learning. Also, its curricular organization attend to interdisciplinarity criteria, with the purpose that the student get the own knowledge and of  skills of their specialization, as a manager in the corresponding professional field within the specific sector at hand.



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Goals to achieve

  • Educate the student with the necessary knowledge to be able to interpret the results obtained after the season.
  • Promote the analysis initiative and the decision making from the management of real useful data. 
  • Educate to estblish a cross-sectional profil according to the current labor demand.


The workshop will have a learning methodology based on “learning by doing” so that everything discussed in each training subject can be put into practice. Practical exercises guided by the faculty will be proposed so that the knowledge acquired responds to the real day-to-day needs in the subject matter covered by the workshop.

Teachers will be actively involved in learning to strengthen the bond with students and provide close support in order to resolve doubts and propose scenarios that help students learn to generate ideas “out of the box”.

The delivery of this workshop will be in face-to-face format, with a total of 10 teaching hours, and computers provided by TTS will be available to achieve complete learning and put into practice the examples and practical cases proposed by the faculty.

The dynamics of the Content Plan workshops escape master classes and seek to approach a model of continuous interaction in which each participant can express themselves and feel part of the team. In this way, each person contributes to the generation of ideas and the debates take center stage based on the theme of the workshop in question.

As a result of the workshop, a practical level test will be carried out to assess the knowledge acquired by the students.

Table of contents

Google Analytics introduction

You will know the Google Analytics tool and how its configuration works.


You will learn to understand, analyze and share basic and full reports.

Google Analyitics interface

In this module you will learn to navigate through the different sections

Measurement and monitoring of conversations

You will know the Google Analytics tool and how its configuration works

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